Hiring A Photographer: Per Image, Per Hour or Contract?

Photographers care about photography pricing because they lose customers if the price is too high. If it is too low, however, photographers might end up leaving the job. Therefore, a photographer will basically have to balance between those two issues.

To start with in terms of how much is fair to pay, the pricing of photography work largely depends on the client and their needs. For instance, some would want large amount of photographs, which is the case for those hiring Captiva Island photographer or Fort Myers photographer during a large event such as wedding event, birthday or a corporate event.

Because of that, it is advisable for a client to look at packages provided by a photographer because different packages suit different needs. While many may prefer per bundle pricing, it will not be the best option for you if you are considering a few shots. On the other end, per image pricing is going to be just too costly if you are holding an event.

There is enormous pricing pressure in the photography profession and many photographers are not limiting themselves to commodity photography. Photographers put a lot of efforts and time into their work, but clients in this century and time carry the day because the prices are lower than ever due to the pricing pressure. Low prices do not always mean low quality, whether you want an image that is processed in the post-processing phase or want a shot that does not need to be touched after shooting.

Then there is the belief that for a professional to survive in this field, he or she must charge enough money, which is very true. However, it does not necessarily mean charging high prices. With the coming of advanced expert technologies, photographers can reduce the time they spend working on photos in the post-processing phase. Actually, with a little bit of preparation, a photographer using good modern equipment will produce high quality images that require no post processing, which is what most customers want or prefer.

So a lot of problems that made prices to be high have been solved with high technology. Skills of a photographer can also mean a lot when it comes to pricing. Of course, very well-known and popular Captiva Island photographer and Fort Myers photographer charge high prices because of high demand for their styles and skills. But for an average photographer, having good skills and being smart means having knowledge and skills to better deal with the problems that cause high price charges. For instance, avoiding errors in the shooting, printing and post-processing should help a photographer reduce material wastage and improve on overall profits. Such a photographer is therefore likely to charge fairly.

Many photographers who are popular also have processes for signing up new clients, producing photos, doing events and clearing customers. Sometimes it is all about assessing their capability and resources to know how well and efficiently they can handle the job at hand. They keep reviewing and improving these processes in order to improve efficiency, which is a huge factor in cutting down expenses.

A customer who is unsure of whether to hire a photographer on a per image pricing, contract or per bundle can talk to an experienced Captiva Island photographer or a Fort Myers photographer at any time.


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